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Oral cancer doesn’t discriminate based on age, gender, or race. Smokers are at a higher risk, but everyone is vulnerable. At Kierland Dental Center, under the expert care of Hugh Jernigan DDS, we stress the importance of regular oral health exams.

Visiting your general dentist at least twice a year significantly increases the chance of detecting oral cancer early. Early detection is key to successful treatment. If your dentist spots any irregularities, they may refer you to our team for further evaluation and treatment.

At Kierland Dental Center, we perform thorough examinations and biopsies to confirm whether a lesion is cancerous. It’s essential not to jump to conclusions without proper diagnosis. If it’s been more than six months since your last dental visit or if you notice any unusual patches, bumps, or irregular skin that doesn’t heal, consider an oral cancer screening.

Don’t skip your dental appointments—they’re your first line of defense against oral cancers. Trust Hugh Jernigan DDS and the team at Kierland Dental Center to provide you with the care and guidance you need to maintain optimal oral health. Your life could depend on it. Schedule your appointment today.

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